…..Actually I didn’t. This is the name of Osteria Francescana’s “standout dish”. And this is a standout restaurant, ranked 3rd for two years in a row in The World’s Fifty Best Restaurants 2014 Guide, and awarded Michelin’s 3 Stars.
A small unassuming eating place in the heart of Modena, Italy, with only 12 tables, it has become the flag bearer for Italian cuisine.
As an italian myself, I understand the reluctance to tamper with established traditional Italian cuisine. It is sacrosanct. Don’t touch that “ravioli in Bolognese sauce”!
Chef Massimo Bottura understands this too. That is why he reigns over a kitchen that serves both the delicious and delectable time honoured Italian dishes, and at the same time, introduces whimsical artistic creations that arouse and elate the senses.
His menu caters to the traditionalists seeking the best there is from the Emilia Romagna area with dishes such as the Tortellini in a Parmigiano Sauce; a creamy, tangy concoction of a sauce that enhances the perfection of the hand-made pasta.
To satisfy not only the culinary palate but also the aesthetic one of the more thrill-seeking modernist gourmands, Chef Bottura designs edible creations that delight all the senses: the crunch of the coffee beans mixed with pine nuts; the aroma of woodland truffles; the chewy texture and earthy flavour of escargot; the pure white garlic foam, like a mantle of fresh fallen snow. His is a work of art to be admired, inhaled and savoured.
To dine at Osteria Francescana is an all-encompassing culinary adventure, one worth seeking out.

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