Look closely. Reflected in my sunglasses is Monopoli; a beautiful, time-worn town of Southern Italy. I’ve been almost everywhere in Italy, from North to South, and have delighted in its marvels, meandered throughout its paths, and was left mesmerized by its beauty.

It is what I want to do through this blog: transmit back to you, the reader, what I see, what I experience, what I feel. I want you to journey with me.

The journey is not necessarily just a physical one; that is, a guide to untraveled places in our beautiful Italy; I’d like it to be a more nonphysical, perhaps somewhat esoteric one as well, so that those of you who have been, I hope that through my meanderings, you will be able to add a new shade, a new feel, a new angle to the memories of that place you visited.  For those of you that have not been, then I truly hope my words will inspire you to go to these places off the proverbial “beaten path”, and to conceive the possibility of new journeys to the sensuous land that is Italy.

It is a place that is special to me. Desiring Italy is a constant in my life.

It is why I write about it.

For all the tribulations, be they political, social, or economic, that Italy has experienced in the past and is afflicted with today, there endures a wholeness of life there that still entices.  No dichotomy exists between the physical and spiritual, between the sacred and the profane, between idealism and reality. Life there is an array of exhilarating fullness, difficult and contradictory, but always lived with acceptance.  The settings and backdrops only serve to enhance this aspect of Italian life.

And so, I will tell my stories and share my exploits and escapades. And I will take you with me, to Somewhere You’ve Never Been

Tonia Serrao Soppelsa