I normally drink my cappuccino in the morning, at breakfast, without thinking about it. In between sips I am calculating how much I owe the gardener this month, or trying to organize my day, step by step.
This morning instead, I want to think about it: it’s not a bad cappuccino, this creamy concoction I made myself right here at home. It brings me back to last year, sitting at the little café bar, the Skipper Club, on the beach in Castiglione….
…The seagulls’ cry early in the morning is the only sound I hear aside from the soft swish of the waves coming to shore. I can smell the saline air, thick and sultry, of that August morning. The cappuccino I sip is nectar, and the cornetto I gulp cravingly rounds out a perfect morning.
It’s wondrous how a small thing can transport us to far away places and times gone, and reignite the feel-good memories.
My cappuccino, here in front of me now, did that for me. I promise myself, that from now on, I will enjoy it, sip by sip, savouring its taste, and the memories it will bring me.
Making a Good Cappuccino at home:
With one of those fancy espresso machines the process is simple.
Make your espresso, and set aside.
Pour cold whole milk into a small metal pitcher, filling it up to 1/3 full.
Release steam from the steaming wand for two seconds to remove any residual water.
Dip the tip of the steaming wand into milk and start the jet. As the foam rises and the volume of milk increases, lower the pitcher, always keeping the tip submerged and tilted to create a vortex.
Continue steaming until the milk feels warm to hot but not scalding, and its volume doubles.
Tap the base of the pitcher firmly on the countertop to compress the foam. This is important.
Pour the foamed milk directly into the cup with the espresso, first aiming for the center, then continuing in a circular motion out toward the rim of the cup.
For those that have neither an espresso machine nor a Nespresso Aeroccino, a simple glass jar and microwave will do:
Fill the glass jar 1/3 full with whole milk and fit the lid over it. Shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds; remove the lid and heat the jar in the microwave for another 30 seconds .
The milk foam thus obtained is then added to the coffee, previously made.
The secret in making a good cappuccino at home is the use of whole milk rather than low fat or skim.
Enjoy your quiet moment sipping your perfect cappuccino!

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